16/03/2019 some Props for today....with the Hawker Hurricane Mk II B trop build by jean Claude at 1/24 th scale....a great piece !!

12/12/2018 Century serie today....Jielle present us its F-106 from Trumpeter at 1/48th scale.....some nice job here !

17/10/2018 some changes for today.....it's time.....as Jielle present us its latest BMW M3 E30 Gr A from Beemax kit....well done JL !

06/10/2018 Phil has finally finished his big project....the MH-60S from Academy at 1/35th scale...a huge job....and a perfect result !!

22/07/2018 today Alain show us one of his latest tank.....the Renault FT-17 by Meng at 1/35 th scale riveted turret...well done Alain !

30/05/2018 let's take a look at the latest build from Jean Claude, with this F-100F at 1/48 th scale !

20/02/2018 let's take a look at the T-28 at 1/32 scale build by Jean Claude, some nice colours here !!

18/11/2017 In the need of some English vintage plane.....well...David present us today its Gloster Javelin from AIRFIX at 1/48th scale...take a look at the paint job !!

27/09/2017 men's plane for today with the Extra 330 SC from Jean Luc, kit at 1/32 nd scale....tough job !!

15/07/2017 The aviation world is talking about it....Jean Claude build it.....here's the F-35A at 1/48 th scale......good job Jean !

29/05/2017 Ok....it's Memorial day today and we decide to honnor all who fought for our liberty, so Luc decide to show you it's Spitfire Mk XIV C at 1/48 th scale from Academy, enjoy it !

11/05/2017 You dream it.....Jean Claude build it...discover the huge B-17G at 1/32 scale from HK.....enjoy this great build !!

16/02/2017 OK, Pascal present us its second King Tiger at 1/16 th scale...big baby...and big job !!

06/08/2016 Today Jean Luc present us its latest big baby.....the Su-30 MKI build at 1/32 scale...heavy convertion of the Trumpeter Su-27 kit....enjoy the great work !

10/05/2016 Luc show us its diorama involving an Handley Page at 1/72 nd scale with loads of details around !

11/04/2016 Jean Claude show us its Alpha jet, at 1/48 th scale from Kinetic, wearing Belgian markings !

15/03/2016 It's been a long time i didn't show you my job, so here's one of my latest.... the Italeri F-104C at 1/32 nd scale, added some resin and scratch parts...and a metal finish !

18/12/2015 Phil present us today it's first hélo..... a German LYNX, model from REVELL at 1/32 nd scale....check the job...incredible !

07/10/2015 Panzer 1A with Schneider canon at 1/35 th scale....both in a great scene...well done José !

02/09/2015 Jean Claude present us one of his latest bird...check his BAC Lightning at 1/32 scale...check the metal finish...very well done !

09/07/2015 Our well known String pappy hit again...check his latest Nieuport 17 from Eduard at 1/48 th scale.....very well build !

27/05/2015 Jean Claude is here again with on of the fastest plopellers German fighter....the Do-335 at 1/32 th scale from HK models...nice job !

13/04/2015 Alain present its Ta-183 under the NACA white colours....interesting little thing !

12/03/2015 Jean Claude present its ELCO PT-109 BOAT from Italeri at 1/35 ! Check all the details....great job !

24/02/2015 Jean Claude jump on the new Italeri box of the F-104G at 1/32 and build it with a great German camo...very nice job !

13/12/2014 OK...i'm back with my latest one...the X-47B at 1/48 th scale from FREEDOM MODEL KIT....really a very nice kit to build !

18/09/2014 Our famous String papy is back....and present us today its Albatross D III at 1/48 th scale from Eduard.....nice looking model !!

02/09/2014 Jean Claude is back with a nice Ki-61 Tony at 1/32 nd scale....some nice metal finish !

28/08/2014 Philippe, our niewbie present us its Hornet wearing some nice Tiger scheme, nice job Phil !

13/03/2014 Something big for today's update....Pascal show us its latest big tank....with the King Tiger at 1/16 th scale from trumpeter....very impressive job !!

03/01/2014 Well....it's the eve of another year...hope everyone of you have some great celebrations for the this end of 2013 and is well starting 2014....so here we are...with a new model, this one is a nightmare of paint and data....it's an F-15 DJ Japanese Aggressor at 1/32 nd scale build by Jean Luc....incredible job !!

02/12/2013 Let's come back to rally for today, Sylvain show us its latest, a PEUGEOT 207 S2000 driven by P. SNIJERS during the Ypres Rally in 2010, well done !

24/11/2013 Today Alain made a little review of something funny...it's about a He-1078....what if ?

18/11/2013 It's been a long time we didn't present a motorcycle....well here's one for today, let's see the YAMAHA M1 driven by ROSSI at Laguna Seca race in 2009...Jean Luc added a very nice figure totally reworked of ROSSI....and lots of details over the bike !check this beauty !

11/10/2013 Let's back to 48 th scale today with my F-4B from VF-51,it's the new Academy kit with some adds....it represent a well known Mig killer !

16/06/2013 Never see a photo Crusader at 1/32 nd before i think....well...you dreamed of it....Ben build it...here's his RF-8 G At 1/32 nd scale....exceptional job !

06/06/2013 Let's check a kit review, Alain is looking at the the He-162 from HobbyBoss at 1/72 scale !

01/06/2013 No model for today, i just want to present you a great friend of mine an his web site in the same time, i met Frédéric Mertès a few years before during a model meeting and we become friends, take a look at his web site....hi's not only a good modeler....;-)

28/05/2013 Today José present us its latest model, not something easy in fact; but you can see the result...here's the Heinkel He-59B ''ZAPATONES''; a SPECIAL HOBBY model....well done !!

12/01/2013 Well, let's start this new year with something big....as....this Belgian Air Force Mosquito T.III MA2 B2-B Target Towing Flight Koksijde , Airfix kit at 1/24 th scale build by Jean Claude, a great model !