Model is Tamiya with Goldmedal photoetched parts, build by Jean Claude ADRIAENS.

Well, this is something really huge that jean claude present us today, everybody who like an aircrafts carrier fan no ? Well, some months before jean claude decided to build it's big Tamiya carrier, he added some photoetched parts coming from the Goldmedal range. Thos parts included rails, ladders....a huge job ! Asembling the Tamiya carrier was not something easy, specially the deck which is in 3 parts ! jean claude decided to let the inside of the from details !The exteriors details of the ships took all his attention, specially the paint job ! Check this deck....He also weathered it slightly...which give a great touch at the model. Planes where added ....hey it's a carrier no ? That a bog job too, making all those planes...with enough detail level ! Well, it's not the first time i can see such model build, a&nd i can tell you that jean claude made a great job on this one ! The model is actually on display at the HOBBY 2000 shop in Liège.

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