Recce F 16 MLU part 2

Ok, lets go for the second part, you can see here the rebuilded wheel, starting with the old Hasegawa one and beeing modified to matche the MLU one....smaller and with a different inner part. next step is the canopy, just working a bit on the frame and adding details as those small " visors" found on each side of our recce bird. PIDS pylon is sctatched too, with plasticard and milipur....chaffs dispenser are not showned here but where made using Tamiya mesh and plastic'll see the result next time ! Exhaust was also details and paint using Metaliser from Testor. Ok, time for the paint job...still with Testor....first job was the black tail an then the fuselage. decals are from ZOTZ, the left part went easily...but the other black side was awfull....the decal literaly roll over itself, crack....i've got to jump all the parts in water and rebuild it on the tail, a bad moment ! Fortunately it didn't leave step was the weathering and then a coat of Future. decalling was the first time to see the use of dry transfer fro Hobbydecal, very interesting product in fact, just have troubles with some small data in grey....they deny to stick on the plane!!! An other coat of Future seal the time....

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