F16 MLU Belgian Air Force

Model is from ACADEMY at 1/32 scale, build by me.

My idea is to build the Showbird from the 1 Sqn at Florennes Belgian Air Base, it was an F16 MLU loaded as a recco with the new pod build in Sweden. So i start my build using the Academy kit which has the two variants of air intakes and engines. Let's begin with the cockpit as usual...i used the old Black Box kit normally made for the Hasegawa kit. I can tell you that it fit perfectly into the Academy fuselage, the only changes where the Seat coming from Cutting Edge and the front instrument panel and cover from a new BB set designed for the Tamiya. As it is an MLU it has some changes, so i'll rebuild some panels. Also rebuild some littles details in the right and left sides and the most noticeable is the canopy handle. The second step was to add a pilot figure in a good position ! starting with a resin pilot ( for an F104) made by PJ Production, i cut the legs / hands / arms and start trying to give him " the good way !". After playing " GiJoe" i finally found the good position and paint it. Next step is the front and main gear bay: as you notice on the pics i'm actualy working on the main one, adding lots of wires and scratching most of the details. The front on was the easiest one but still need the gear so i can finishe all the wiring. Also start is the recco pod, starting with carving a styrene block wich is now molded in a resin piece which could be rework easily, as for all the small details and scribing.Future pics will show you the main gear bay in the way to be finished and the recco pod too....!

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