YAMAHA YZR 500 TECH 3 Season 2001 last part !

Build by Patrick SPITAELS, model is Tamiya; decals from STUDIO 27 !

Ok, this is the final.....just some words about the STUDIO 27 decals...the price is really too high for what it is....the " bue " flames are impossible to use , they are transparent....? so i've to use the TAMIYA one !!! so, at the end i just use the " GAULOISE" decals on the sheet.....18,22 euros for that ! ( around 16 $ ) i call that wasting money ! I still can't understand why we; modelers; have to pay so much money to have the right decals like GAULOISE; MALBORO; WEST....this never give me the idea to smoke because i've in my collection some MALBORO or other GAULOISE....How much time did we still have to "fuel " the same guys with our money ? I've to build the new BIAGGI's YAMAHA....all red with white square in the box ! no MALBORO,a really pretty bike like that !!!


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