TAMIYA model at 1/24, build by Patrick SPITAELS....

This is the TAMIYA model at 1/24....that everybody know for the details and easy building....WELL....YOU GOT NOW MINUS TO DO ..., the wheels are painted...lights ( red and orange ) are has the crews helmets in plastic with decals just have to do the rest ! I've try the paint technique for carbon, folowing the try from Christophe with his Astra DTM ( which article folow quickly) i use a grill to paint in grey directly on the black plastic. When dry, i add a coat of a mixed Tamiya: yellow and smoke ( translicid paints ), so it give another colour at the carbon....well it give a great looks, just have to found another grill for the next try, maybe something which have a smaller pattern.For the disks brakes i paint them on Humbrol 56, matt alu; then use pastels; black and grey, so you got the good look and no shiny disks....Interior was improved..but can't see no more when closed ! Differents wires were added...the seats beltes are made using vynil tape, no photoetched for the buckles, they are made in plasticard...cheaper ! the body is paint with Tamiya TS50...adding the decals is not something very difficult, except for the side yellow ones....So, now for the small adds, it's boring always building a car without things i add some note book inside, made from plastcard, and a map with gloves outside ! The map is made from foil and hand paint....gloves are made using foil...little pieces together ! The helmets were also improved, micro added and foil for the helmet fasteners.