Skoda Octavia hiry / Prevot at the Condroz rally 2001

Model is resin from REGI, scale 1/24 build by me !

Ok, i've got this kit since some years in my stach, but was not really in a hurry to start it....resin parts have to be strongly cleaned and the body and the inside of the car was wrapped....i try to improve the cockpit with some plastic bits but i didn't have lots of reference pics of it ! body colour is primer white from Tamiya with clear cote after. the green and red have to be painted. Some of my friends who have the kit too buy bought some years aftr me have the decals for that...can't explain ! anyway when i start decalling i was very disapointed as all the markings went in small desintegrated...! so it took me hours to complete the markings ! got some troubles too with all the windows, not easy to place ! wheels have to be placed one by one but not in the place mold in the kit...or you've got a stange looking car....another funny the end, when i want to close the cockpit into the body it wrapped my front windshield....last thing was to build the headlights ramp, it comes from a Ford Escort Cossworth kit, with some, it's not my best build, probably the worse.....make lots of small mistakes and have encounter lots of problem with the kit..but it's finally done !

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