Model TAMIYA, scale 1/24, build by Patrick SPITAELS.

Classic TAMIYA kit, version ARAI, which is very intersting for its wheels !. This model; driven by Bernard MUNSTER in 1998, was a former WINFIELD SUBARU, so it still wear the WINFIELD red with blue FINA on the body. WINFIELD red is a mixture from 3 differents tone in TESTOR, cherry red/ italian red / guard red. Blue is from REVELL, n 51. The interior is quickly build ( this model was made in 3 days....), just paint the carbon effect on the differents pieces/side and add harnesses made using red vinyl tape. For the scheme, the decals were made by my friend Michel CARTIAUX ( designer of the real one ) and were printed by Louis VAN BINST ( GROUP 2) .Many thanks for the job made by Michel and Louis, for those great decals !.

A small Walk Around of this SUBARU could be found at the Cars Walk around Page.

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