Model is TAMIYA at 1/24, usinG RENAISSANCE DECALS, build by Patrick SPITAELS.

The 206 become one of the most covered rally car model actually, colour scheme from the differents national Championships are proposed by RENAISSANCE. That's a belgian one that i decided to build some months ago, driven by Gregoire DE MEVIUS and JM FORTIN as co pilot, during the CONDROZ rally in 2000.

I took differents pics during the building stage, unfortunately after a computer crash i lost all of those pics, so i can only propose you the final one !.

The interior is completely rebuild, adding lots of wires, buttons, details as a cellular phone, road book, radio helmets, the book on the dash, all the electronics box which are on the back of the seats and on the rear of the car....carbon decals were added on all the interior parts too ! Seats are covered with a white sticking plaster. I also used that sticking plaster to build the harnesses with photoetched buckles. The doors were cut out of the body, and replaced by RENAISSANCE ones, in resin.Some details as the grilles are coming from the same transkit from RENAISSANCE. Decals are a special edition, only available in Belgium and are good quality as usual from RENAISSANCE.