Left is the TAMIYA kit of the WRC, with RENAISSANCE decals, right is the HASEGAWA kit of the WRX, with RENAISSANCE DECALS TOO....

The WRC is paint with a mix of TESTOR color, the Cherry red, bright red, flat red and some white at the end...the WRX is paint with the official color of SUBARU WINFIELD, which is RAL 3031...the only difference is that the WRX is a bit lighter than WRC..but for me the WRC looks the wright color...all is by Patrick SPITAELS

Nice shot of the two cars...the official scheme is from C&D DESIGNERS and LETTRAGE, which is based at Alleur. Michel CARTIAUX, who's the boss of C&D DESIGNERS; took the shots of those cars too...If you have a racing car and want a super design for it...call him...he's the best !( mail me and i'll send you his adress)