PORSCHE 911 GT 2 !

Model is TAMIYA 1/24, by Chritophe WERA !

Two models of the 911 GT2....first one is the TAISAN STARCARD team, GT championship in 1995. deco is from the box, interior is paint in black TS 29, Christophe add some wires inside to improve it....Body is paint in gloss black TS 14! Well, about the second one; the Chereau sport 911 GT2, which race in Le Mans in 1998; it's pretty the same build than the first one exept that the decal sheet is coming from France; from Carpena. With this kit we found a new rear wing in plastic; to buid this version. Interior is white and is improved with cables, harnesses with photoetched buckles. Harnesses are made with sticking plaster; white one which has a good texture to make harnesses.The body is as the first one paint in black with a coat of Future. decals are not so simply than Tamiya one, and the use of Microsol solutions is needed...! Windows were build with transparent plastic sheet to show the opening.