307 WRC Thiry / Jamoul Condroz rally 2006

Model is Tamiya with Renaissance transkit for the decals, scale 1/24 and build by Jean Luc !

You can see that the wheels were changed, in fact the car didn't ride with the the wheels provided in the Tamiya box, so you'll have to found some spare ones in another box like a Peugeot 206 one. The wheel attachment is not the same and you'll have to make some surgery as shown in the pics. For the rest of the build its classic, harness were hand made, grids are from Tamiya mesh, paint is from Tamiya too in spray can TS 30. Just take your time for the decals but then went without problems.Some light coats of gloss coat and the body was compounded after the dry time.Thanks at Renaissance to provide us this bright scheme !

You can found Renaissance product following this LINK !

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